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What I Offer

Services: Services

Individual Therapy

$125 per session* (50 minutes)

Whether this is your first time to therapy or your 100th, I am happy to be a partner to help find some clarity and regulation during a time that you have decided to ask for help. I have experience in both outpatient and residential levels of care working with trauma, mood disorders, and addictions (both substance and process). Individual therapy sessions will consist of processing, treatment planning, and occasional self-care assignment work and reading recommendations that may enhance a client's life outside of sessions.

*Please ask about my sliding scale fees

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EMDR Therapy

$150 per session (90 minutes)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a specialized therapy that uses eye movements to assist the brain in processing upsetting or traumatic life events, the same way we process our day's events with our eye movements during REM sleep. Sessions may involve guided eye movements while we process new insights that evolve from brain healing.

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